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Moment of Loss

There are times I ache to respond to the unthinking question so often asked but so seldom meant, with truth. Then I ponder what it would mean if they truly heard and believed the answer I would give.
If they knew that the only thing between me and thier true self is my own concious thought and will. That with a word, a touch, or a thought they would no longer bear their pain, burdens, fears, joys, success, happiness or anything else alone again.
If they knew that in the nightswatch I stood at deaths door, feeling cold steel at my temple with an aching soul thousands of miles away. Their cry I heard, through her mother long since passed, despite decades since concious connection made, I was there gently bringing her back from darkness edge.
That I rode the storms of anxiety and pain with another soothing and restoring as I untaggled life lines and made the storm to be as a refreshing spring rain.
That I spent the day with another sharing only an occasional word, yet sharing in eachothers presence closer than most could ever begin to imagine. While my healing hands kept thier cramping hands from stopping the work they so enjoy .
That I shared an all consuming pain with one who’s body slowly fails. Knowing soon I may travel with them through deaths door. For this traveler completes his journeys. Even beyond the grave I can reach to those in need.
That my presence covers a home protecting little ones and all others who enter. As i teach a mother the power of her gifts.
That their are ones who touch my passive presence to calm, encourage, endure and so much more fully knowing i care. Confident in the knowledge i will respond to their need.
That I offered aid to one who was unwilling to trust. So they fight alone, scared, and essentially naked to the unseen world and I ache knowing I could protect, heal and teach them. Yet I must choose not go where I am not welcome.
That the wellspring of my own perfect emotional memory flowed and ebbed that very morning primal and deep. Thus Restoring my own balance so that I could once again restore others.
Alas the polite passing socially acceptable lie is what they can accept. Despite what I know they need, I must pass by. There are others who have needs that I can touch. I suffer the loss of being able to help and they never know that the help they need they gave up without a moment


Written by brokinheart(c) 1/16/2018

Intro to Table Rock

This is a simple haven I have created to be shared. I have used this place to help many with a wide variety of things. You will feel my presence there which is intentional. Once you are at table rock you can proceed on your own or I can help you with pretty much anything you desire. Just let me know what you want or need and I can most likely help. So for example, if you need help sleeping once you are at table rock I would continue the journey customized to you individually. This is the first time I have put this out to a group of people. I invite your feedback and comments. You are welcome to send friend requests or messages. I am also including a link to my pen name Facebook account.

Table Rock

The place we seek is not far. Before we go there take a few deep relaxing breaths.

Now Look over in that direction. There is a small clearing its just through the evergreens. If you like you can take my hand and follow close. Feel the forest trail under our feet. Hear the sound of the leaves and twiggs as we move along a well worn animal pathway. A soft wind blows warm through the trees carrying the fresh scents of nature’s life. We move upward and deeper into the forests’ care. The birds sing of life and love in harmonies with the trees and creatures of wood. In the distance the sounds of water falling over rocks reaches out with flowing gentle peace as we move closer to a place of freedom and rest. The trees and brush give way, moving a branch gently out of path we see the valley and falls. The water scent flows with its song refreshing into our lungs as we breath deep from this nature’s haven. Just a little further, you can see it up ahead. The green grassy path gives way to stone as the sound of the falls flows around us driving back all intrusion. There it is, just to the left see where I point. It is table rock and it is a place of perfect rest. Climbing up across the rocks strone about by the rivers’ life, we move up to an intriguing large oval flattened Rock. Nature has fashioned the rock perfectly so it can accommodate all those who would come to this haven. Come with me and see, there is everything you’ll need here. Up onto the rock we climb and together we stand looking out into the valley and then up toward the falls and cliffs. Feel the sandstone under you, take in the decades it has spent watching over this place. Hear the flowing river as it wraps around adding it’s life to the haven. The rock is warm and perfect for whatever you want or need. From here you can chose while nature and I stand watch. Nothing can harm you here and you may stay as long as you desire.

Meditate, lay back and rest, curl up in the comfort of our peace, wake up by taking in nature’s glory or whatever it is you desire. Table Rock is yours to come to anytime, from anywhere. You will sense my presence here always and I will join you just reach out me.

If you would like I can write individualized add on s from help with pretty much anything you like. For instance if you want to sleep at table rock I will write the additional content specific to the individual.

Written by brokinheart (c) 11/1/2017